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Magic beans are suitable for planting and growing all year round. It germinates at temperatures between 25 to 35℃. Best temperature for plant growth is at 20-25℃. Flowering and fruiting at 23-28℃, with 70% sunshine.


Higher temperature and humidity will increase the germination rate and shorten the germination time.


The bean will grow after 7-15 days and the words will appear. The worded watercress can last for 1-3 months, after which it will fall off and the plant will continue to grow.


Please ensure proper temperature and humidity when planting. In general, the higher the temperature, the greater the humidity, the more conducive to the germination and growth of magic beans. After germination, try to expose it to as much sunshine as possible.


Water every 2-3 days. Check if the soil medium on the surface is dry. Spray a small amount of water to keep it moist. If you see that the surface is still wet, do not water it. Do not water too much or too frequently as it can caused the bean seed to rot and the bean surface will be scarred.


Because the magic bean is a climbing plant, you can build a vine structure to facilitate its growth. If you want plants to grow better, you can transplant them to larger flower pots. With the proper care, the plant will flower, bloom and bear fruit.